The Greycastle Guard

Evil, Unearthed

or Why Won't These @&$#(@&$ Zombies Die?!?

The party moved on after its success in Talonvale, but not before picking up a new adventuring companion (Sylthana – placeholder name!): a physically gifted half-elven woman with a history and a certain eldritch air about her.

Arriving in Brookhollow that evening, the party entered Cutter’s Inn, run by Tril Cutter, a middle-aged halfling woman. Lia Spellsong and her husband Tory were not there waiting for them, and had departed hurriedly 10 days prior. The party began their investigations then and there, although they proved unable to master the art of subtlety. The dwarf Kerwin Colby took Remus, Griz, and Kathra outside to “look at the stars” and communicated some of his concerns (disappearances, a feeling of dread at the ruins of Castle Overlook) with the party. Salazar and Merric remained inside to try and get information from Otis Benbough, a halfling trapper, who proved less than forthcoming. With some clues,. the party decided to stay at the Inn for the evening. Gathering in the same room Lia and Tory had shared, they planned their next course of action, with Remus (who had been drinking pretty much non-stop since their arrival) stating that he doesn’t do things out of the goodness of his heart, and he needed some monetary incentive. Kathra lectured him, but Salazar pointed out that Lia said in her letter that it would be “worth his while”.

Investigating the room, Salazar found a loose floorboard that contained Lia’s journal, a note in a pouch which also had some grist about it, and a broken holy symbol of the god Bane. Following the clues, the party headed out the next morning to Log’s Landing, a logging camp located at the edge of the Gnollwood. After an hour’s worth of investigating, the party found tracks indicating kobolds and a pair of humans, plus a halfling’s. The tracks led off toward Castle Overlook, but disappeared. After trying for some time to find the trail again, they moved off towards the cemetery behind the small church of Tyr, Further searching led them to find a mausoleum, with a secret passage to the excavated tunnels below. Several traps with undead in them were sprung, and the party valiantly fought them off, although the zombies proved rather difficult to kill. Eventually they found a secret door, which led to a well-constructed room.

The room had several items in it: a tattered standard to the god Tyr used as a rug to wipe mud off upon, a bookcase containing several books on the worship and history of the god Bane, a makeshift altar, a treasure chest containing much of Lia and Tory’s equipment (as well as a 500 GP topaz), and a potion that was ruined when Griz “opened” the chest. A trapdoor also was in the room, and upon opening it they found Tory, kept within. He revealed that Kor, the priest of Bane, was keeping him in the trapdoor to ensure the cooperation of Lia. Kor was posing as the acolyte of Tyr named Arrias, and in that role had poisoned the previous priest of Tyr. The undead in the tunnels were the work of Kor as well, and he had Otis working for him. Otis had been instrumental in capturing Tory and Lia, as he had planned and executed the trap set for them at Log’s Landing.

The party now had the end in sight. They had found out the villain, and where their ally Lia was being held. All that remained now was to stop Kor and rescue Lia.


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