The Greycastle Guard

Not Surprisingly, We Start at an Inn

In the City of Athkatla, Capital of the Country of Amn

At the Crooked Crane Inn, a party of six discusses what to do next. They are:
Salazar Greycastle, a Fighter and disgraced heir of the Greycastle family
Remus “The Pit Fiend” Tallstag, a Fighter and recovering gladiator, most recently of Calimport
Kathra Battlehammer, a dwarven cleric of Mystra that hails from the far North
Merric, a halfling ranger, raised by wolves and taught to interact with society by Merella of Imnescar
Grizz Grodak, half-orc barbarian and hailing from the town of Purskul
Tyuk, a gnome tinkerer who resided in Greycastle lands and follow his friend Salazar faithfully

Kathkallan, a merchant of Teziir along the Dragon Coast, hired the group to guard him and his cargo after they rescued him in the midst of an attack. He offered more money if the party could discover what happened to the contact he was supposed to meet in order to complete a sale, and recover the contracts that governed the sale (and his ability to do business).

The party procured 1,200 GP from Kathkallan for their efforts, and gained the following items of note:
Bracers of Armor – given to Grizz
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Healing
Scroll w/Alter Self – given to Salazar
Spellbook (Spider Climb, Unseen Servant, Detect Magic, Darkness, Invisibility, Locate Object, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Enhance Ability, Alter Self) – Tyuk took this item
Additional 339 GP – split up amongst the party

Also of note:
Over the course of completing this task, the party ran afoul of the Night Masks, a thieves’ guild out of Westgate. The Night Masks were behind the theft of Kathkallan’s contracts.
Kathkallan was impressed with the party’s work, and can find you an adventuring patron in Teziir should you so desire to travel that way.

After some discussion, drinking, and celebration, a note arrived for Salazar from his friend Lia Spellsong, who invited him to come to the town of Brookhollow in northern Amn, west of Crimmor. The party decided this would be a good endeavour and departed, having uneventful travels until a night at an inn, 3/4 of the way through their journey.

At the inn, there were approached by Ellren, a local aristocrat who was searching for some adventurers/troubleshooters/ratcatchers to hunt down a bizarre creature that was plaguing the area surrounding the town of Talonvale. Remus made quite an initial impression upon her. The party decided to detour and did some investigations, and figured out that this creature was a werewolf. With Ellren bankrolling the party to be able to affect this baleful creature (obtaining 2 silvered arrow, and temporarily silvering the party’s weaponry, plus getting 2 doses Oil of Magic Weapon), they departed to confront the beast.

Further tracking showed that the werewolf was not alone…2 other wolf-like creatures were accompanying it. The group followed the tracks to find the werewolf, in hybrid form, feasting upon a cow. Combat was joined. The two wargs came out of hiding and complicated the battle for the heroes, managing to knock Merric unconscious, but ultimately they proved victorious. Grizz dealt the killing blow, managing to cleave the werewolf in twain from head to sack, whereupon it returned to its originally, human form.

For their efforts, they received 200 GP and a number of healing potions. From there…on to Brookhollow, where we will pick up next session.


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