Kathra Battlehammer of Azuth

Inquisitive female dwarven cleric of Azuth


Female Dwarf Cleric of Azuth (Arcane Domain, SCAG)
HP: 25
AC: 17 (Scale Mail, Shield, Dex)
Speed 25
Darkvision 60’ Passive Perception 13
S 15 (2) D 12 (1) C 16 (3) I 12 (1) W 16 (3) Ch 15 (2)
Saves W+5, Ch+4
Battleaxe 4 1d8 +2
Mace (
1) 5 1d63
Shortbow +3 1d6 +1
Skills: History +3, Insight +5, Medicine +5, Religion +3
Dwarven Resilience – Adv on Poison Saves, Resistant to Poison Damage
Channel Divinity (1/rest): Turn Undead, Arcane Abjuration
Spells +5 to hit, DC 13 to save
Cantrips: Fire Bolt, Ray of Frost, Spare the Dying
1st (4): Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Shield of Faith, Guiding Bolt, Protection from Evil, Healing Word, Bless
2nd (2): Magic Weapon, Nystul’s Magic Aura, Prayer of Healing


Originally from Icewind Dale, Kathra left that area with the rest of Clan Battlehammer to populate Mithral Hall, a reclaimed dwarven stronghold near Silverymoon. She was taken as part of a group of envoys to that city while establishing relations. There she witnessed the wonder of magic, and learned of a dwarven spellcaster in days gone past, named Dagna. Kathra became “obsessed” (not really, but in the eyes of her fellow clanspeople she was) with Dagna and magic, but found she lacked the ability to harness it. She continued to research as she returned to Mithral Hall, where she spent her time at the brewery and aiding apothecaries.

One day when she was out on patrol with Clan Battlehammer, her group found some escapees from drow enslavement. One of them, Remus, struck up a friendship with Kathra. Discussion while returning to Mithral Hall led them to figuring out that she wanted to leave the underground to pursue the priesthood, and he wanted to get the F out of the Underdark, where he had lost what was left of his old life.

So they left. Kathra soon began her education in earnest, but Remus was desperate for something to lose himself in. He boarded a ship and went south, leaving Kathra to her studies in Waterdeep. She had read about Dagna disappearing in the country of Amn to the south, and so she departed to investigate this. After arriving in Murann (she had wanted Athkatla, but took the first boat she could get), she ran into Remus once again in Trademeet. Together they traveled north to Athkatla. They would meet Griz, Salazar, Merric, and Tyuk In Crimmor.

They managed to rescue a grateful Teziirian merchant named Kathkalla and perform some services for him. They since decided to check into a message Salazar received from his old friend Lia Spellsong regarding the town of Brookhollow.

On their way there, the party took a detour to look into reports of a monster near the town of Talonvale. Kathra used what magic Mystra has granted her to help defeat the werewolf, as well as save her companion Merric from dying at the hands of a worg.

In the fight against the forces of evil in Brookhollow, Kathra called upon Azuth to deliver a bolt of radiant bolt of energy to Kor’s chest, killing him.

Kathra Battlehammer of Azuth

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