Ranger, raised by wolves, now with a wolf companion


Male Halfling Ranger (UA) (Outlander)
HP: 18
AC: 16 (Studded Leather, Dex)
Speed: 25’
Passive Perception 12
S 13 (1) D 18 (4) C 8 (-1) I 15 (2) W 14 (2) Ch 13 (1)
Saves S +3, D +6
Shortsword +6 1d6 +4
Shortsword +6 1d6
Shortbow +6 1d6 +4
Skills: Animal Handling +4, Athletics +3, Nature +4, Stealth +6, Survival +4
Lucky – Reroll 1s on D20s
Brave – Advantage on saves vs. fright
Nimble – Move through large units
Naturally Stealthy
Favored Enemy – Humanoids +2 to damage rolls
Natural Explorer
Archery Fighting Style

“Monty” – Wolf Companion*HP*: 18
AC: 15
Speed: 40’
Passive Perception 13
S 12 (1) D 15 (2) C 12 (1) I 3 (-4) W 12 (1) Ch 6 (-2)
Saves S +3, D +4, C +3. I -2, W +3. Ch +0
Bite 4 2d44 pierceing, DC 11 Str or knocked prone
Keen Hearing and Smell – Adv on Perception checks that rely on hearing or smell
Pack Tactics – has advantage against creature if at least one of its allies are within 5 feet
Favored Enemy – Humanoids +2 to damage rolls


Little is known of the origins of Merric, halfling ranger from Imnesvale. Raised by wolves, Merric was rescued and named by Merella the ranger once he was forced out by a change in pack leadership. She taught him many skills and reared him as if he was her own son from her cabin outside of the settlement. Merric began to feel a sense of wanderlust, and so departed with Salazar Greycastle and his friend Tyuk the gnome when they ventured north through Imnesvale. They would later pick up Griz in Purskul and finally come across Remus and Kathra in the city of Crimmor.

As the lot of them were directionless, they decided to see what fate would have in store for them in Athkatla, capital of Amn and “the City of Coin”. They managed to rescue a Teziirian merchant named Kathkalla. They since decided to check into a message Salazar received from his old friend Lia Spellsong regarding the town of Brookhollow.

On their way there, the party took a detour to look into reports of a monster near the town of Talonvale. Merric rained arrows down upon the creatures they fought, but was knocked unconscious by a worg.

After spending a day with Griz conducting a ritual, Merric called forth a wolf to serve as his companion. Griz was inspired by the process and got a tattoo of a wolf upon his person, and took the wolf to be his spirit totem.


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