Remus "Pit Fiend" Tallstag

Former gladiator, seeking redemption or at least a good death


Male Human Fighter (Urchin)
HP: 32
AC: 19 (Plate Mail, Dual Wielder)
Speed: 30’
Passive Perception 14
S 10 (0) D 19 (4) C 14 (2) I 13 (1) W 14 (2) Ch 14 (2)
Saves S+2, C+4
Shortsword +6 1d6 +4
Shortbow +6 1d6 +4
Skills: Acrobatics +6, Perception +4, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +6
Feat: Dual Wielder
Two-Weapon Fighting
Second Wind (Bonus) Heal 1d10 +3
Action Surge
City Secrets
Battle Master – 4 Superiority Dice (reset after a rest), DC 14
Disarm Attack, Goad Attack, Push Attack


Remus and his sister Gretchen were raised by the streets of Waterdeep. Desperate to escape a life of poverty, they “raised” enough funds to outfit themselves and traveled in the company of other youths to the Yawning Portal, the inn in Waterdeep that contains the lift down to fabled Undermountain. Undermountain, where many an adventurer has made his or her name, and far more have never been heard from again. Remus and his fellow belonged to the latter group…what started off as a company of eight was down to three in quick order. One stumble through a portal later and they were in the Underdark…somewhere.

Somewhere with drow. Sortanna, priestess of Lolth, led the slaving group that was taking a collection of creatures to the fighting pits in the drow city of Chaulssin. Remus was separated from his sister by Sortanna, his other companion died quickly at her hands, but Remus…showed promise. A war between rival drow gave Remus the opportunity to escape with some of the others but without supplies, survival and a return to the surface world seemed beyond reach. A group of dwarves from Clan Battlehammer, out on patrol, found some of the survivors. One of them, Kathra Battlehammer, an aspiring priestess of Mystra (oddess of magic), struck up a friendship Remus. She wanted to leave the underground to pursue the priesthood, and he wanted to get the F out of the Underdark, where he had lost what was left of his old life.

So they left. Kathra soon began her education in earnest, but Remus was desperate for something to lose himself in. So boarding a ship, he found himself in the far south, in Calimport, where he renewed his pit fighting career, this time as “The Pit Fiend”. He struck up a friendship with another fighter, Hendak, and together they became quite the popular fighting pair. However, they both could sense that they had no control over their lives, and helped each other escape the life once more. They separated soon thereafter, and as luck would have it on his way north Remus came across Kathra once more in the city of Trademeet. They would meet Griz, Salazar, Merric, and Tyuk In Crimmor.

As the lot of them were directionless, they decided to see what fate would have in store for them in Athkatla, capital of Amn and “the City of Coin”. They managed to rescue a Teziirian merchant named Kathkalla and some service for him. They since decided to check into a message Salazar received from his old friend Lia Spellsong regarding the town of Brookhollow.

On their way there, the party took a detour to look into reports of a monster near the town of Talonvale. Remus was instrumental in defeating the werewolf and its worg allies there.

Remus discovered that being sodden with whiskey negatively impacts one’s abilities to function.

After much practice against both enemies and practicing with allies, Remus has remastered several techniques he used in his prior career as a gladiator in the fighting pits.

Remus dealt the killing blow to the fire elemental that stood guard over the treasure of the Fire Lord. He then took the Fire Lord’s distinctive armor, but still wears his mask underneath it. He lost his mask in a pit fight against Amalas, the Copper Coronet’s resident champion fighter.

Remus "Pit Fiend" Tallstag

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