Salazar Greycastle

A quietly disgraced heir to a noble house


Male Human Fighter – Eldritch Knight (Noble)
HP: 28
AC: 17 (Studded Leather Armor, Dex, Shield)
Speed: 30’
Passive Perception 13
S 18 (4) D 16 (3) C 12 (1) I 14 (2) W 12 (1) Ch 13 (1)
Saves S+6, C+3
Flaming Longsword 6 1d84, 1d6 fire
Silvered Longsword ‘+6 1d8 +4’
Handaxe ’+6 1d6 4 20/60
Skills: Athletics ’
6, History +4, Persuasion +3, Survival +3
Protection Fighting Style
Action Surge
Second Wind (Bonus) 1d10 +3 HP
Spells (DC 12, to hit +4)
Cantrips: True Strike, Light, Firebolt
First (2): Protection from Good & Evil, Shield, Magic Missile


Salazar of the Greycastle family. Second son to Duvas and Talazia, the “spare” to their heir Evendur. Older brother to his charismatic sister Marisa. Salazar grew up without the responsibility of being the heir and was able to mingle with the people living on the Greycastle land, earning him friendships with the likes of Tyuk and Lia Spellsong. Bizarre and unspoken of circumstances led to the death of Evendur and the departure of Salazar from Greycastle lands. Tyuk elected to accompany his friend as their endeavours led them elsewhere.

Traveling north, they picked up Merric in Imnesvale, Griz in Purskul, and finally came across Kathra and Remus in Crimmor. Together they traveled to Athkatla, City of Coin, to see what fortune they could find. There they managed to rescue a grateful Teziirian merchant named Kathkalla from death. They since decided to check into a message Salazar received from his old friend Lia Spellsong regarding the town of Brookhollow.

On their way there, the party took a detour to look into reports of a monster near the town of Talonvale. Salazar engaged the werewolf and one of the worgs, and his prowess with his shield was instrumental in keeping his allies from harm.

Salazar managed to save his friends Lia and Tory from the evil priest Kor of Bane. She has since promised to spread the tale of their victory and has coined their group name, “The Greycastle Guard”.

A conversation with Lord Jierdan Fierkraag at the Copper Coronet has let Salazar know that the reason for his departure may not be as secret as he thought. He also revealed more details about his history to the party.

Salazar Greycastle

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