The Greycastle Guard

Playing With Fire
A Party of Flaming Adventuresexuals

The party stared at the armored body upon the throne. The armored body stared back. The party stared some more. The armor did not flinch. The party fought the azers (dwarflike creatures that hail from the Elemental Plane of Fire) that had come up behind it. The armor stared back.

After being creeped out by the person in the armor, Remus worked up the courage to approach it. He reached out and grasped the helm…and pulled up. The helm resisted for a bit, and then it came loose…and the desiccated noggin of the Fire Lord fell out of it. The full plate armor was finally crafted, and proved to be very unique in design. Remus decided that it would protect him more than the studded leather that currently adorned him. After searching the throne the former Fire Lord sat upon, they started moving around the room to find the reason behind the heat they all felt. Kathra came upon a secret door, which opened to steps leading down.

In the circular room beyond, a hearth burned in the middle of the room, and beyond the hearth lay two chests. Kathra went to the one side, Remus and Griz to the other. The moment Remus began searching for traps upon the chest, one sprang to life behind him…a fire elemental! The party found the battle against the singular foe daunting – they were set alight once it hit them and found their weapons did not do much to it. Spells from Kathra and Sylthana did much to affect the creature, but it was Remus who dealt it the final blow. Within the chests they found two items: a ring with a garnet embedded in it that confers resistance to fire to the wearer, and a flaming longsword. Griz and Salazar got the items, respectively. Some minor cleanup and a return to the Osterhaus Inn prior to returning to Athkatla was in order.

Once back in Athkatla, the party descended into the Slums District, determined to meet Lia at the Copper Coronet. They were distracted by a large sphere that had come into being, obliterating some homes and merely interrupting others. Kathra, Griz, and Sylthana climbed up to investigate what appeared to be a door next to a roof of a house it fused with while Remus distracted the guards with gold. As Griz reached for the door, it pulsed and sent out a wave of cold energy, injuring two of them and knocking Kathra unconscious and off the building. Salazar managed to catch her and stabilize her from her wounds. A number of people in the slums managed to procure money from Salazar through all manners of grievances, some actual but most of them made up on the spot.

The party then moved into the Copper Coronet, and found it to be a spacious but ought-to-be-condemned dive. Merric moved to procure rooms for the party, which Kathra promptly took advantage of and crashed. Sylthana struck up a conversation with a charming half-elf, while the rest mingled while waiting for their friend Lia Spellsong to finish her set. Remus wandered over to the fighting pit, where he chatted with the dwarf Korgan Bloodaxe before accepting a fight in the pit.

He lost to Amalas the pit fighter, and Amalas added insult to injury by claiming “The Pit Fiend”‘s mask. Conversations with Lia’s husband Tory yielded the fact that Korgan was looking for adventurers (by this point the party had pissed him off), and that Anomen Delryn, an Athkatlian noble, was also here (the party soon pisssed him off: THANKS GRIZ). Tory felt that something was off with the place, and that was corroborated by Lia when they finally got to talk with her. She suggested the party try and get into the back of the Copper Coronet to see if her gut feeling was correct.

After resting for the night, Remus approached the bar owner, Lehtinen, about getting in on some of the entertainment in the back. Lehtinen did offer him his mask back for another 25 gold, but Remus declined. From there the party assembled and began its investigation: prostitution, drug smuggling and use, the fighting area (with monsters!), and finally some of the fighters: Slaves.

One of the slaves, Hendak, recognized Remus from their days fighting in Calimport together. One of the guards, name unknown and as far as I know useless, recognized the party from never, and at that point combat was joined.

End session.

The Greycastle Guard
Breakers of Chains, Openers of Doors

After completing a short rest in the room where they found Tory, the party left him and Tyuk behind to continue with their search for Lia Spellsong. At the end of the passage, they found a pit, surrounded by skeletons. Remus was first in, and saw the much larger skeleton lurking in the corner. Salazar followed him in used his tandem fighting techniques to keep the undead ogre from hitting Remus. Kathra was next, and called upon Azuth to turn the undead in the area – two of them were cowed by the channeling of Azuth’s divinity. Griz peeled off to the other side to engage the skeletons not already in combat, and Merric picked off those he could with his bow. Hearing her friend Salazar, Lia’s song reached his ears and inspired him. Outside of a couple of strikes on Griz, the party escaped the combat relatively unscathed.

Pulling those enslaved out of the pit, they then rejoined Tory and Tyuk and moved to exit the excavated tunnels. They were confronted at one of the prior rooms, though. Kor, priest of Bane, had appeared with a number of kobold allies. Griz went first, and leapt over where the pit trap was and managed to take a kobold down. Kathra channeled her god and fired magic missiles at the evil priest on the other side of the room. Remus attempted to tumble past the pit but slipped and fell in…where Otis Benbough, the treacherous halfling lay in wait. He took advantage of Remus’s condition and managed to strike with a devastating sneak attack. Salazar also moved across the pit area and engaged the kobolds, and the kobold next to Kor returned fire to Kathra via magic missile. Suddenly a daggar protruded from the other side of his throat…Sylthana had followed the party and now attacked their opponents from behind! As the kobolds fell left and right, Kathra managed to strike Kor in the chest with a guided bolt. The evil priest stared down at the sizzling hole in his chest, and then fell forward into the pit in front of him. Otis and the leftover kobolds died in short order.

Victorious, the party led the former slaves back to Brookhollow, where they were greeted as heroes! Tril, owner of Cutter’s Inn, was at first distraught at the news of Otis’s betrayal and death, but rewarded the party with free room, board, and food for their efforts. The group, Lia, and Tory celebrated and rested a day before departing, with Kathra taking advantage of the village’s smith, the dwarf Kerwin.

The day spent there was not in vain. Salazar and Sylthana sparred, with Salazar managing to shake off the rust and re-master some of his favorite pit fighting techniques. He marveled as the buff half-elf was able to manifest a sword from her hand. Elsewhere, Merric spent the day engaging in a ritual to create an unbreakable bond with an animal companion. A grown wolf (now named “Morty”) that had been but a cub when Merric left his wolf family trotted out of the woods to him. Griz, impressed with the ritual, decided to take the wolf as his spirit totem and had it tattooed upon his shoulder. Kathra was able to call upon greater mysteries of Azuth, and with her help Salazar unlocked his magical potential. In his joy, he fired off fire bolts into the air…something which may or may not have been noticed in a country where arcane magic is frowned upon.

Lia invited the party to accompany her back to Athkatla where she would be playing at the Copper Coronet in the slums district (“It’s a job” she said matter-of-factly"). She figured she would be able to find some things for them to do while there. The group demurred, as they wanted to follow-up on the blue crystal key they had found.

Following Lia’s instructions, they departed overland on sparsely used road. They came across a pair of scaly, dragonish looking beings who introduced themselves as Balasar and Ezmerelda. They were coming from the town of Barovia, which was apparently ruled by a vampire (or two?). The party had been interested in visiting before, but this news changed most, if not all, of their minds. They stopped at the Osterhaus, a relatively new building that served as a pocket of civilization. Old Jarl, his young wife Maggie, and Toby manned this inn. Jarl told the story of the cursed shield that sat above his fireplace and gave the party directions to the blue crystal door they were looking for – a door that sealed in a group of brigands. Slythana introduced the stable hand into the world of manhood, and the Guard departed the next morning. An hour of travel brought them to the door, which they closed and locked behind them. Within they found an altar to an unknown fire god as the heat steadily rose. Continuing into the complex found the temperature steadily going up. On the opposite side of the altar room there was a blocked off staircase, which the party disassembled so they could continue onward. There they found a throne with a suit of armor seated upon it…and heard shuffling feet behind them.

And that is where we will pick up next time.

Evil, Unearthed
or Why Won't These @&$#(@&$ Zombies Die?!?

The party moved on after its success in Talonvale, but not before picking up a new adventuring companion (Sylthana – placeholder name!): a physically gifted half-elven woman with a history and a certain eldritch air about her.

Arriving in Brookhollow that evening, the party entered Cutter’s Inn, run by Tril Cutter, a middle-aged halfling woman. Lia Spellsong and her husband Tory were not there waiting for them, and had departed hurriedly 10 days prior. The party began their investigations then and there, although they proved unable to master the art of subtlety. The dwarf Kerwin Colby took Remus, Griz, and Kathra outside to “look at the stars” and communicated some of his concerns (disappearances, a feeling of dread at the ruins of Castle Overlook) with the party. Salazar and Merric remained inside to try and get information from Otis Benbough, a halfling trapper, who proved less than forthcoming. With some clues,. the party decided to stay at the Inn for the evening. Gathering in the same room Lia and Tory had shared, they planned their next course of action, with Remus (who had been drinking pretty much non-stop since their arrival) stating that he doesn’t do things out of the goodness of his heart, and he needed some monetary incentive. Kathra lectured him, but Salazar pointed out that Lia said in her letter that it would be “worth his while”.

Investigating the room, Salazar found a loose floorboard that contained Lia’s journal, a note in a pouch which also had some grist about it, and a broken holy symbol of the god Bane. Following the clues, the party headed out the next morning to Log’s Landing, a logging camp located at the edge of the Gnollwood. After an hour’s worth of investigating, the party found tracks indicating kobolds and a pair of humans, plus a halfling’s. The tracks led off toward Castle Overlook, but disappeared. After trying for some time to find the trail again, they moved off towards the cemetery behind the small church of Tyr, Further searching led them to find a mausoleum, with a secret passage to the excavated tunnels below. Several traps with undead in them were sprung, and the party valiantly fought them off, although the zombies proved rather difficult to kill. Eventually they found a secret door, which led to a well-constructed room.

The room had several items in it: a tattered standard to the god Tyr used as a rug to wipe mud off upon, a bookcase containing several books on the worship and history of the god Bane, a makeshift altar, a treasure chest containing much of Lia and Tory’s equipment (as well as a 500 GP topaz), and a potion that was ruined when Griz “opened” the chest. A trapdoor also was in the room, and upon opening it they found Tory, kept within. He revealed that Kor, the priest of Bane, was keeping him in the trapdoor to ensure the cooperation of Lia. Kor was posing as the acolyte of Tyr named Arrias, and in that role had poisoned the previous priest of Tyr. The undead in the tunnels were the work of Kor as well, and he had Otis working for him. Otis had been instrumental in capturing Tory and Lia, as he had planned and executed the trap set for them at Log’s Landing.

The party now had the end in sight. They had found out the villain, and where their ally Lia was being held. All that remained now was to stop Kor and rescue Lia.

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Not Surprisingly, We Start at an Inn

In the City of Athkatla, Capital of the Country of Amn

At the Crooked Crane Inn, a party of six discusses what to do next. They are:
Salazar Greycastle, a Fighter and disgraced heir of the Greycastle family
Remus “The Pit Fiend” Tallstag, a Fighter and recovering gladiator, most recently of Calimport
Kathra Battlehammer, a dwarven cleric of Mystra that hails from the far North
Merric, a halfling ranger, raised by wolves and taught to interact with society by Merella of Imnescar
Grizz Grodak, half-orc barbarian and hailing from the town of Purskul
Tyuk, a gnome tinkerer who resided in Greycastle lands and follow his friend Salazar faithfully

Kathkallan, a merchant of Teziir along the Dragon Coast, hired the group to guard him and his cargo after they rescued him in the midst of an attack. He offered more money if the party could discover what happened to the contact he was supposed to meet in order to complete a sale, and recover the contracts that governed the sale (and his ability to do business).

The party procured 1,200 GP from Kathkallan for their efforts, and gained the following items of note:
Bracers of Armor – given to Grizz
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Healing
Scroll w/Alter Self – given to Salazar
Spellbook (Spider Climb, Unseen Servant, Detect Magic, Darkness, Invisibility, Locate Object, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Enhance Ability, Alter Self) – Tyuk took this item
Additional 339 GP – split up amongst the party

Also of note:
Over the course of completing this task, the party ran afoul of the Night Masks, a thieves’ guild out of Westgate. The Night Masks were behind the theft of Kathkallan’s contracts.
Kathkallan was impressed with the party’s work, and can find you an adventuring patron in Teziir should you so desire to travel that way.

After some discussion, drinking, and celebration, a note arrived for Salazar from his friend Lia Spellsong, who invited him to come to the town of Brookhollow in northern Amn, west of Crimmor. The party decided this would be a good endeavour and departed, having uneventful travels until a night at an inn, 3/4 of the way through their journey.

At the inn, there were approached by Ellren, a local aristocrat who was searching for some adventurers/troubleshooters/ratcatchers to hunt down a bizarre creature that was plaguing the area surrounding the town of Talonvale. Remus made quite an initial impression upon her. The party decided to detour and did some investigations, and figured out that this creature was a werewolf. With Ellren bankrolling the party to be able to affect this baleful creature (obtaining 2 silvered arrow, and temporarily silvering the party’s weaponry, plus getting 2 doses Oil of Magic Weapon), they departed to confront the beast.

Further tracking showed that the werewolf was not alone…2 other wolf-like creatures were accompanying it. The group followed the tracks to find the werewolf, in hybrid form, feasting upon a cow. Combat was joined. The two wargs came out of hiding and complicated the battle for the heroes, managing to knock Merric unconscious, but ultimately they proved victorious. Grizz dealt the killing blow, managing to cleave the werewolf in twain from head to sack, whereupon it returned to its originally, human form.

For their efforts, they received 200 GP and a number of healing potions. From there…on to Brookhollow, where we will pick up next session.


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