A ripped half-elven ex-soldier with an eldritch air about her...


Female Half-Elven Warlock – Pact of the Blade
HP: 32
AC: 15 (Scale Mail, Dex)
Speed 30
Darkvision 60’ Passive Perception 14
S 18 (4) D 12 (1) C 18 (4) I 15 (2) W 14 (2) Ch 14 (2)
Saves W+4, Ch+4
Spear 6 1d8 +4
Handaxe +6 1d6
Dagger +6 1d4 +4
Skills: Arcana +4, Athletics +6, History +4, Intimidation +4, Perception +4, Survival +4
Adv on charm Saves
Immune to magical sleep
Eyes of the Rune Keeper – can read any language
Agonizing Blast – add Cha mod to Eldritch Blast
Spells +4 to hit, DC 12 to save, Can cast 2 spells/rest @ level 2
Cantrips: Eldritch Bolt, Mage Hand
First: Hellish Rebuke, Hex, Witch Bolt
Second: Misty Step


She was a soldier, somewhat infamous in some circles to be the only one to survive a pitched battle with nonhuman forces on the far west of Amn. Her entire unit was wiped out, yet she survived, covered in dirt, grime, and the blood of others but physically untouched, with the opposing general’s head to toss to her superiors. Those surveying the battlefield saw an unearthly blast had leveled much of the opposition.

She was quietly allowed to be honorably discharged. Since then, she has traveled alone, seeking company that would accept her. Her tale frequently precedes her, though, and is often enough to scare others away. The taint of magic is upon her, they say. Something otherworldly looks after her…not a god, but something else.

The Cowled Wizards watch when she is on their radar, but so far she has given them no reason to persecute/prosecute.

She traveled to the town of Talonvale to investigate stories of a creature in the hills, only to find that others had already taken care of the problem. Being a mixed bag of individuals themselves, they welcomed her into their ranks, although she has proven to be mostly uncommunicative so far.

Sylthana managed to catch up to the party as they were confronted by Kor and his forces, and she took out the kobold sorcerer Skliks Dogear with a well-placed thrown dagger.


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